2017 Board of Directors

President & Treasurer - Menachem Hamberger (president@yieip.org) -  Now a veteran of our board, Menachem keeps a watchful eye on all things related to shul finances and in addition to now serving as our President.  

First Vice President - Beth Shapiro -  Beth has the unique distinction of originally hailing from Potomac, although she speaks perfect Hebrew with an Israeli accent due to her years of living in Israel with her husband Ari, the best cyclist in Potomac.  Beth is the shul's official welcoming committee and chairs the new membership committee.

Second Vice President Rob Samuels - Now in his second year on our board, Rob is a master bbq griller and popcorn maker. Rob also doubles as the shul's handyman.

Secretary - Joel Greenberg - We welcome Joel to our board and expect great things as he eases into his new position.  Having lived in both the real Israel as well as the one in South Florida, Joel is a tremendous resource to our shul.

Director - Daniel Ely - Daniel, born and raised in the Greater Washington area, served as our President for many years.  Although his accomplishments are many, he is perhaps best known for overseeing the acquisition of the comfy new chairs in the shul's sanctuary.  Although he does not look a day over 35, Daniel and his wife Pam recently became grandparents and celebrated the bris of their first grandson in our beautiful social hall. 

Director - Aviva Rosen - Aviva, also a native Washingtonian, has lived in Potomac with her husband Larry (a past shul President), since the days when corn fields lined Seven Locks Road. 

Director - Russ Chittum -  After taking a decade long break, Russ is back on our board and we could not be more excited.   

Tue, November 21 2017 3 Kislev 5778