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Welcome to Young Israel Ezras Israel of Potomac!



  • Warm, welcoming, and friendly
  • Beautiful community in one of the most desirable suburbs of Washington 
  • Vibrant Daily Minyanim
  • Numerous Shiurim for Women and Men
  • Diverse membership united in their commitment to growth in Torah
  • Weekly Cholent Kiddushes
  • To Become Part of Our Family

Davening Times

Per County Rules, Everyone is Required to Wear Masks Inside the Shul Building


Schedule for Yomim Noraim 2021/5782


Motzei Shabbos Parshas Ki Savo  1:09AM 

Monday            8/30/21             6:30 am

Tuesday           8/31/21             6:30 am

Wednesday       9/01/21             6:30 am

Thursday          9/02/21             6:30 am

Friday               9/03/21             6:30 am


Sunday             9/05/21             7:30 am



EREV ROSH HASHANNA,                    Monday, September 6 (Labor Day)

Selichos/Shacharis                    7:00 am (followed by Annulment of Vows)

Mincha                                      7:10 pm

Candlelighting                           7:13 pm

Maariv                                      7:45 pm


ROSH HASHANNA FIRST DAY            Tuesday, September 7

Shacharis                      8:30 am

2nd Shofar Blowing                     5:30 pm (Ivymount Parking Lot)

Mincha                                      6:00 pm

Tashlich                                    6:30 pm

Maariv                                      7:30 pm

Candlelighting/ Kiddush             8:20 pm   Prepare for 2nd day meals at this time. Repeat Krias Shma.


ROSH HASHANNA SECOND DAY        Wednesday, September 8

Shacharis                                  8:30 am

2nd Shofar Blowing                    6:30 pm (Ivymount Parking Lot)

Mincha/Maariv                           7:00 pm

Havdallah                                  8:19 pm


FAST OF GEDALIAH                            Thursday, September 9

Fast Begins                              5:33 am

Shacharis (Slichos)                    6:15 am

Mincha/Maariv                           6:50 pm

Fast Ends                                 8:16 pm



Friday               9/10/21             6:15 am


SHABBOS SHUVA (Parshas Vayelech)           September 10/11

Mincha (Erev Shabbos)             7:00 pm

Candlelighting                           7:06 pm

Shacharis                                  8:45 am

Drosha                                     5:30 pm

Mincha                                      6:30 pm

Maariv                                      8:05 pm

Shabbos ends                           8:13 pm





EREV YOM KIPPUR,                                        Wednesday, September 15

Selichos/Shacharis                    6:45 am

Mincha                                      3:00 pm

Tefilas Zaca                              6:45 pm

Candlelighting                           after 5:59, before 6:58 pm

Kol Nidrei, Maariv                      6:55 pm

Begin fast before                      7;15 pm


YOM KIPPUR,                                                  Thursday, September 16

Shacharis                                 8:30 am

Mincha                                     5:30 pm

Neilah                                       6:50 pm

Maariv/Havdallah                       8:05 pm (Fast over)

Kiddush Levana




YIEIP Youth 

Rabbi Yosef Singer Honored by NCYI

Become Part of Our Family!

Young Israel Ezras Israel of Potomac ("YIEIP") is a warm, friendly, diverse, and vibrant shul.   We work hard to keep our membership dues affordable while still providing numerous classes and services.  Our community enjoys its own beautiful mikvah, is in close proximity to many kosher establishments and day schools, and is a convenient commute to work in Western Montgomery County, Northern Virginia or the District. 

YIEIP is fortunate to be led by the same Rav, Rabbi Yosef Singer, for more than two decades.   Rabbi Singer currently serves as President of the Vaad of Greater Washington. The children in our shul attend all of the area day schools and yeshivot exemplifying the diversity of our kehilla.  On Shabbat there are supervised groups led by our teens and overseen by our youth director from the beginning of davening until the conclusion.  After davening each Shabbat, we join together and socialize at a festive cholent kiddush.

We invite you to spend a Shabbat in Potomac and at our shul.  Please send an email to to arrange for Shabbat hospitality.   In the meantime, below are some helpful links to Jewish Washington:

For a Listing of Kosher Establishments:

The Rabbinical Council of Greater Washington:


Fri, September 17 2021 11 Tishrei 5782