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Kiddush Sponsorships

There are 4 levels for a full Kiddush sponsorship as well as a Super Deluxe Community Kiddush which is scheduled several times a year for members to contribute to. All sponsorships 
include sponsorship for Seudah Shlisheet.

Sponsors will be listed in our weekly bulletin. 

Please email to be in touch with the Office Manager about Kiddush availablity. 


1. Regular Kiddush - $300:
Includes cholent, vegetable platters, salads, tuna fruit, cookies, herring, soda etc. 

Click here to sponsor the Regular Kiddush. 


2. Deluxe Kiddush - $350: 
Includes regular Kiddush assortment plus kugel platters

Click here to sponsor the Deluxe Kiddush. 


3. Super Deluxe Kiddush - $900
Includes cholent, deli rolls, chicken fingers, vegetable platter or Caesar 
salad, salad/side selections, potato kugel, fruit platter, fancy dessert platters, challah rolls, herring, drinks, etc. Please note you can speak with the office on salad selections. Please note terms and conditions listed on the sponsorship form.

Click here to sponsor Super Deluxe Kiddush. 


4. Custom Kiddush
For your simcha or celebration you are welcome plan a kiddush for our community with one of our approved caterers. Please note terms and conditions listed on the form. 

Click here to email the Office Manger to discuss the Custom Kiddush option.


Scheduled by the Shul several times a year (typically monthly) with the same type of menu as the Super Deluxe Kiddush listed above and multiple choices of donation amounts.

Click here to help sponsor the Super Deluxe Community kiddush.  


Any questions? Please reach out to our Office Manager at 

Fri, May 24 2024 16 Iyyar 5784