Shiurim and classes



Shul and Community Torah Classes (Consult the Weekly Announcements to confirm that a class is scheduled to occur in a given week)

       Rabbi Yosef Singer

- Gemara Masechet Shabbat - after Shacharit, Sun. morning (Men)

- Mesilat Yesharim - Shabbat 8:15 am (Men and Women)

- Nefesh Hachaim - Shabbat, 45 minutes before Mincha (Men and Women)

- Women’s Shiur on Mesilat Yesharim - Shabbat Afternoon One hour and 45 minutes before Mincha (Women)

Greater Washington Community Kollel

- Beit Medrash Program with Rabbi Menachem Winter, Rosh Kollel, and the Kollel Rebbeim: various simultaneous classes – Sun 8:15-9:15 pm (Men)

- Women’s Parsha Class – on hiatus

Torah Mitzion Kollel

- Beit Medrash Learning – Wednesday before Maariv

Other Weekly Classes

- Rebbetzin Sara Bluming – Weekly Roundtable, Tue. 10:00 am and Wed. 1:00 pm at Chabad (Women)

Mon, April 23 2018 8 Iyyar 5778